Golf Instruction

Elevate Your Game

We feature a main practice area with an 80,000-square-foot surface area of natural turf and 10 target greens.

With a combination of perfect turf and high quality practice balls, there is no better place to practice. With six practice putting greens throughout our facility, it’s never too crowded to practice this vital component. Several of these greens have bunkers with different face heights to enable realistic bunker practice. There is also a bunker reserved only for fairway bunker shot practice. Since we don’t play golf on a level surface, we also have areas for practicing on uneven lies.

As a rule, we play 60% of our strokes within 100 yards of the green. We have an area dedicated to short game providing an endless variety of chips, pitches and bunker shots. This additional practice green has three different flagstick positions.

In addition, we have a three-hole Practice Academy that features a par 5, par 4 and a par 3. Our Practice Academy is maintained to the same high standard as our two championship courses. Each of the three holes has five sets of tee markers to vary the length of the hole.

Serious golf practitioners have been known to camp out all day on the practice facilities. We have hosted numerous college golf teams for their annual spring training, international teams, local school teams and a wide variety of golf schools.

Our world-class staff instructors will personalize and meet the needs of each and every golfer. Private Internet lockers for each student provide the ability to see and hear their swing analysis online.

  • On-Course instruction is available at the hourly lesson rate
  • Gift cards are available
  • Lesson packages are also offered

*Rates and instruction subject to change without notice